Blog: Essential grills to try this Father’s Day – a real treat for dad

This coming Father’s Day weekend, BBQs across the region will roar to full life as families relish in some quality time, outdoors. Although smaller in number, the temperature is sure to soar as the grills get ready to cook up a storm of flavour.  

Year after year, some of us have turning to the ever-safe option of hot dogs and hamburgers. Sure, dad can throw in the occasional steak, but why end there? Stop by your neighborhood market and switch it up with delicious vegetarian options to show off your culinary flare – and appreciation for an alternative, equally juicy and flavourful, grilling experience.

Grilled veggies with hummus

Veggies and hummus are a match made in heaven. By putting some veggies on the grill first, it caramelizes the sugars in the vegetables, releasing new flavours and leaving those gorgeous charred grill marks. Pair these now savoury and vivacious vegetables with some delicious hummus and you will level up your dip game.

Beyond Meat

Impress the vegetarians and trick the meat-lovers in your house with an option that will have them scratching their heads. Beyond Meat has the same taste of meat – but without the guilt. This 100 per cent plant-based burger, sandwiched between fresh lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions and Canadian cheddar, will have everyone fighting over the last one, and are readily available at your local Rabba Fine Foods local market.


Like vegetables, fruits also deserve some share of the spotlight. The abundance of natural sugars in fruits like pineapples or peaches make them perfect candidates for the grill. Add a dash of cinnamon and, as the fruits caramelize on the grill, they add a new depth of flavours and aromas. Try it for dessert to end the celebrations, atop a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Traditional, over-baked pizza is great but grilling it can work wonders to a crust as it keeps the inside soft and delicious, with a perfect outer crust. Jazz the dough up and brush it with some homemade garlic butter. You’ll have the backyard smelling like an authentic pizzeria!

Let’s recognize the fathers around us and share our appreciation. Remember, too, that many local markets like our – Rabba – is open and well stocked 24/7. For ideas and recipes visit

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