#01: Cheese and Meat Snack Tray

An all-time favourite! A delectable assortment of the finest deli meats and cheese.

$59.00 serves 8-12 (360-430 Calories/Serving)
$79.00 serves 20-24 (350-520 Calories/Serving)

#02: Antipasto

The perfect start to any get-together. Includes an array of olives and pickled vegetables with cheese and prosciutto-wrapped melon.

$49.00 serves 10-15 (270-410 Calories/Serving)

#03: Shrimp Sensation

A delightful platter overflowing with shrimp and accompanied by seafood sauce. Sure to please everyone.

$59.00 serves 8-12 (70-110 Calories/Serving). Over 90 pieces!

#04: Deluxe Sandwich Platter

This tray is overflowing with a mouthwatering selection of everyone’s favourite deli sandwiches, prepared on assorted fresh rolls and breads.

$69.00 serves 8-12 (360-550 Calories/Serving)

#05: Fresh Fruit Explosion

Fresh melon, strawberries, grapes and kiwi combine to make this an explosive presentation of colour and taste. Simply, the perfect fruit tray!

$59.99 serves 12-16. Fruit selection subject to seasonal availability. (200-270 Calories/Serving)

#06: Fresh Cakes

The perfect ending to any occasion! Cakes, fresh fruit flans, coffee cakes, cheesecakes, etc. Whatever your “sweet tooth” craves!

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#07: Continental Breakfast

Start your day with a platter filled with your favourite breakfast treats: butter croissants, assorted bagels with cream cheese, cinnamon buns, fruit sticks and more. Perfect for that early morning meeting.

$49.00 serves 6-8 (580-770 Calories/Serving)

#08: Veggie Dip Delight

A variety of garden fresh vegetables with delectable vegetable dip.

$59.00 serves 20-24 (50-60 Calories/Serving)

#09: Cheese Pleaser

A selection of fine cheese including Swiss, Brie, Cheddar and Havarti. Enjoy with crackers and your favourite wine!

$59.00 serves 8-12 (380-460 Calories/Serving)
$79.00 serves 20-24 (400-590 Calories/Serving)

#10: Lean ‘n Light

Features Maple Lodge Farms’ exclusive line of oven-roasted, cooked, or smoked deli chicken breast.

$59.00 serves 8-12 (80-100 Calories/Serving)
$79.00 serves 20-24 (80-120 Calories/Serving)

#11: Gourmet Supreme

Create your own custome deli platter! Choose your favourite cold cuts and combination of condiments.

$59.00 serves 8-12 (100-120 Calories/Serving)
$79.00 serves 20-24 (100-150 Calories/Serving)

#12: Wrap & Roll Fiesta

A variety of tortilla wraps stuffed with freshly prepared crab-flavoured salad, tune salad and chicken salad.

$59.00 serves 8-12 (250-300 Calories/Serving)
$79.00 serves 20-24 (260-390 Calories/Serving)

#13: Rabba’s Famous Falafel

Our famous, freshly-made falafel accompanied by wedges of pita bread with delicious tahini dipping sauce on the side.

$49.00 serves 8-12 (210-320 Calories/Serving). Approx. 40 pieces!

#14: Mediterannean Sampler

A perfect compliment to our falafel platter. It includes stuffed vine leaves, tabouli salad and hummous dip; garnished with an assortment of pickled vegetables or babaganoush.

$49.00 serves 8-12 (180-270 Calories/Serving)