About Us

Our Story: Rabba Fine Foods.

From humble beginnings, Rabba Fine Foods has a proud history of bringing to market quality foods and essential household supplies to our communities with a friendly, personal touch. Open 24/7, Rabba has earned the reputation of a trusted, reliable, and convenient local marketplace, with locations across the GTA.  

With a network of 34 local markets that are conveniently located, bright and well-stocked, our team works around the clock to ensure our guests can find a wide selection of market-fresh produce, butchercut fresh meat & seafood, deli counters & hot food tables, ready-to-eat homeready meals,  fresh instore bakeries, dairy, floral, health & beauty and other essentials for home or work.  

At Rabba, we are committed to value.  We value your time and your business. We take your trust to heart and aim to be reliable – there for you at the exact moment when you need us.

This culture drives us to aim for convenience in all we do, including:

1.) Being close by, at the heart of neighbourhoods and communities

2.) Open 24 hours, 7 days a week

3.) Full and fresh shopping selection, day or night

4.) Home-ready meals

5.) Complete lottery centre

6.) Automated Banking Machines

7.) Everything you would expect from your neighbourhood store, and more

As a family-owned and operated company, Rabba Fine Foods is driven by core values of customer service, convenience, reliability, trust, quality and hard work.


Our History: Canadian Owned. Family Operated.

It all started in the 60’s when the Rabba family established their first small grocery store in Toronto in 1967. They had no way of knowing that their combined drive, hard work and old fashioned values would firmly establish Rabba Fine Foods as an influential name in the Canadian retail industry.

From the beginning, the family decided on providing quality products and excellent customer service. This commitment built their reputation and increased their popularity within the community. As natural entrepreneurs, the Rabba family decided to increase the benefit to customers by carrying additional grocery items, along with fresh produce. Soon, the concept of a superior specialty grocery store that maintained an old-fashioned service was born.

The early years grounded the Rabba’s well in serving customer needs and anticipating market changes. In the early 1980’s, the retail market place was changing dramatically and the needs and demands of those living in the GTA were becoming more sophisticated.  It was then that the very first Rabba Fine Foods store was opened. It was located in the prestigious Queens Quay area of downtown Toronto.

That first store cemented the qualities we see in Rabba Fine Foods locations today: bright, accessible and local markets that offer customers all of their grocery needs in one convenient location. From the beginning, Rabba emphasized its commitment to offering exceptional service, value, product selection, quality and convenience. More than forty years since its first grocery store opening, Rabba Fine Foods continues to grow and expand, building on the foundations established by the founding members’ family values.