Simple Charcuterie Board

A simple charcuterie board is the ultimate easy appetizer or snack with drinks and is perfect for any holiday celebration! It’s a great way to eat and entertain without the mess, fuss-free, and extremely easy to prepare.



  • 200g Vitale Antipasto Italiano: Prosciutto, Coppa, Salami
  • 200g Stonefire Naan (or Ace White Baguette)
  • 200g Castello Cheese: assorted varieties available for your preference
  • 1 Fontaine Sante Hummus: assorted varieties available for your preference
  • Optional: Any fruit, vegetables, olives or nuts
  1. Place all ingredients onto a large serving board or platter; the Vitale Antipasto is already pre-cut for your convenience.
  2. Pour hummus into a serving bowl and place it onto the board.
  3. Pile each ingredient together to create a more visually appealing result. Add serving spoons and serve immediately.