#01: Cheese and Meat Snack Tray

An all-time favourite! A delectable assortment of the finest deli meats and cheese.

$39.00 serves 8-12
$59.00 serves 20-24

#02: Antipasto

The perfect start to any get-together. Includes an array of olives and pickled vegetables with cheese and prosciutto-wrapped melon.

$29.00 serves 10-15

#03: Shrimp Sensation

A delightful platter overflowing with shrimp and accompanied by seafood sauce. Sure to please everyone.

$39.00 over 90 pieces!

#04: Scottish Smoked Salmon

Pumperknickel rounds topped with cream cheese and the finest imported Scottish smoked salmon, garnished with a touch of capers & red onions.

$39.00 serves 10-15

#05: Deluxe Sandwich Platter

This tray is overflowing with a mouthwatering selection of everyone's favourite deli sandwiches, prepared on assorted fresh rolls and breads.

$49.00 serves 8-12

#06: Divine Desserts

A decadent selection of Baklava, chocolates, cakes and more. Perfect with tea or coffee.

$29.00 serves 8-12

#07: Fresh Fruit Explosion

Fresh melon, strawberries, grapes and kiwi combine to make this an explosive presentation of colour and taste. Simply, the perfect fruit tray!

$74.99 for 36 skewers (as pictured)
$24.99 for 12 skewers
$39.99 standard cut tray, serves 12-16 (Fruit selection subject to seasonal availability.)

#08: Fresh Cakes

The perfect ending to any occasion! Cakes, fresh fruit flans, coffee cakes, cheesecakes, etc. Whatever your "sweet tooth" craves!

From $10.99 available at most stores

#09: Continental Breakfast

Start your day with a platter filled with your favourite breakfast treats: butter croissants, assorted bagels with cream cheese, cinnamon buns, fruit sticks and more. Perfect for that early morning meeting.

From $29.00 serves 6-8

#10: Veggie Dip Delight

A variety of garden fresh vegetables with delectable vegetable dip.

$39.00 serves 20-24

#11: Cheese Pleaser

A selection of fine cheese including Swiss, Brie, Cheddar and Havarti. Enjoy with crackers and your favourite wine!

$39.00 serves 8-12
$59.00 serves 20-24

#12: Lean 'n Light

Features Maple Lodge Farms' exclusive line of oven-roasted, cooked, or smoked deli chicken breast.

$39.00 serves 8-12
$59.00 serves 20-24

#13: Gourmet Supreme

Create your own custome deli platter! Choose your favourite cold cuts and combination of condiments.

$39.00 serves 8-12
$59.00 serves 20-24

#14: Italian Feast

Try this tasty combination of mortdella, Genoa salami, capocollo and prosciutto ham garnished with provolone cheese and olives.

$39.00 serves 8-12
$59.00 serves 20-24

#15: Wrap & Roll Fiesta

A variety of tortilla wraps stuffed with freshly prepared crab-flavoured salad, tune salad and chicken salad.

$39.00 serves 8-12
$59.00 serves 20-24

#16: Mediterannean Sampler

A perfect compliment to our falafel platter. It includes stuffed vine leaves, tabouli salad and hummous dip; garnished with an assortment of pickled vegetables or babaganoush.

$29.00 serves 8-12

#17: Rabba's Famous Falafel

Our famous, freshly-made falafel accompanied by wedges of pita bread with delicious tahini dipping sauce on the side.

$29.00 serves 8-12 (approx. 40pcs)

#18: Sushi

Skillfully prepared and arranged by traditional sushi chefs. Choose from vegetable or seafood ingredients.

$4.99 per person (5pcs) Vegetable Sushi
$6.99 per person (5pcs) Seafood Sushi
$5.99 per person (5pcs) Assorted Sushi
Minimum order is 40 pieces.

Fresh Salads

Your choice of caesar, chef, macaroni, potato and many others.

Please ask for pricing and details.

Cannelloni, Meat or Vegetable Lasagna

$2.99 single serving